21 listopada 2015

Singapore 10 dollars "50 years of Nation building", 2015 (Thanks to Seung Young Oh, South Korea)

Tun Yusof bin Ishak (Jawi: يوسف بن اسحاق ;/ˈjʊsɒf bɪn ˈɪs.hɑːk/ YUUSS-off bin ISS-hahk; DUT (First Class), SMN 12 August 1910 – 23 November 1970) was a Singaporean politician and was the first President of Singapore, serving from 1965 to 1970. His portrait appears on the Singapore Portrait Series currency notes introduced in 1999.

"Caring Community, Active Citizenry" 
women and man with shovel planting tree; man and woman visiting elderly woman; women with rollers and man with brush painting walls and window trim 

"Strong Families" 
man reading book to child; man, woman and child riding tandem bicycle; family seated with 50th Anniversary cake; man and woman fixing epaulettes on soldier’s uniform 

"Safe and Secure" 
Citizens consulting brochure with police officers; soldier with binoculars; soldier with clenched hand over heart; woman carrying duffle bag; pilot in flight suit; firefighter with walkie talkie; fighter jets 

"Regardless of race, language or religion ..." 
boys and girls 

"Opportunities for All" 
soccer coach and players; construction worker with blueprint; dancer; scientist with beakers and test tubes; chef wearing toque stirring wok, boy in wheelchair and girls; financial trader with keyboard and stock charts on monitors; teacher pointing to Singapore on globe

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