15 studenoga 2010

Surinam 100 gulden (P#149) January 1, 2000

The Long-tailed Hermit (Phaethornis superciliosus) is a large hummingbird that is a resident breeder in Venezuela, the Guianas, and north-eastern Brazil. This species is commonly referred to as the Eastern Long-tailed Hermit, but it is likely, following recommendations from Gary Stiles in February 2006, that the new name will be adopted by most authorities.

The taxonomic history of this group is complicated, with similar hermit populations from both sides of the Andes being originally classed as a single Long-tailed Hermit species. The western population was then split as the Western Long-tailed Hermit, P. longirostris, leading to the renaming of P. superciliosus as Eastern Long-tailed Hermit. The further renaming of P. longirostris as Long-billed Hermit means that P. superciliosus no longer needs “eastern” in its English name. Read more...

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  1. Rango-
    You gotta love this series of banknotes, probably some of the best looking banknotes ever made... well in my opinion! This means you can check off one more banknote!



  2. Yes, i agree with you. I must get other bird banknotes from Surinam.....