20 listopada 2010

Israel 20 sheqelim (P#64), 2008 (Many thanks to Wilson Chow, Malaysia!)

Moshe Sharett‎ (15 October 1894 - 7 July 1965) was the second Prime Minister of Israel (1953-1955), serving for a little under two years between David Ben-Gurion's two terms. Read more...

Tower and stockade was a settlement method used by Zionist settlers in the British Mandate of Palestine during the 1936–39 Arab revolt, when the establishment of new Jewish settlements was restricted by the Mandatory authorities. During the course of the Tower and stockade campaign, 52 new Jewish settlements were established throughout the country. Read more...

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  1. This is a pretty expensive note here in the states. Nice pick up my friend.


  2. This is another gift from Wilson :)

  3. @Jay: When you say expensive, how much does it cost in the states?

  4. I am talking about close to $40 USD sometimes.