23 lipnja 2010

Ukraine 10 hryven (P#111), 1997

Ivan Stepanovych Mazepa (20 March 1639—2 October 1709) was famous as a patron of the arts, and also played an important role in the Battle of Poltava.

Mazepa was likely born March 20, 1639 in Mazepyntsi, near Bila Tserkva, then a part of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, into a noble Ukrainian family. His mother was Maryna Mokievska, and his father was Stefan Adam Mazepa. He was educated first in the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, then at a Jesuit college in Warsaw and abroad. From 1659 he served at the court of the Polish king, John II Casimir.

In 1669–1673, Mazepa served under Hetman Petro Doroshenko, and in 1674–1681, under Hetman Ivan Samoylovych. A young educated Mazepa quickly rose through the Cossack ranks and in 1682–1686, he served as a General-Yesaul. Read more...

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