10 kolovoza 2009

Poland 2000 złotych, 1982

Thanks to Kazimierz from Poland!

Mieszko I (c. 920/45 – May 25, 992), was a Duke of the Polans since 960 until his death. Member of the Piast dynasty, he was son of the legendary Siemomysł, grandchild of Lestek and father to Bolesław I the Brave, the first crowned King of Poland, and Świętosława(Sygryd), a Nordic Queen.

The first historical ruler of Poland, Mieszko I is considered as the de facto creator of the Polish state. He continued the policy of both his father and grandfather, who were rulers of the pagan tribes located at the present Greater Poland; through either by alliances or by military force, he could subordinate Kuyavia and probably Gdańsk Pomerania and Masovia. For most of his reign, Mieszko I was in war for the Western Pomerania, anf finally he could conquer the borders of the Odra River. In the last years of his life he entered in a war against Bohemia, winning Silesia and probably Lesser Poland.

Mieszko I's marriage in 965 with the Premyslid princess Dobrawa and his baptism ca. 966 put him and his country in the western cultural circle of the Christianism. Apart from the great conquests during his reign (who proved to be fundamental for the future of Poland), Mieszko I was renowed for his internal reforms, aimed at expanding and improving the Monarch system.

According to older sources, Mieszko I was described as a wise politician, a talented leader and charismatic ruler. He successfully used the diplomacy, concluding an alliance with Bohemia first, and then with Sweden and the Holy Roman Empire. In foreign policy, first of all, he placed the interests of his country before, even entering into agreements with his former enemies. On his death, he leave to his sons a territorial increased country with a much higher position in Europe.

Mieszko I also appeared as "Dagome" in a papal document from about 1085 AD called "Dagome iudex", which mentions a gift of land to the Pope almost a hundred years earlier.

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