21 kolovoza 2009

Bulgaria 500 leva, 1993

Swap with Cüneyt Özarikan from Istanbul, Turkey!

Dobri Hristov (Добри Христов) (14 December 1875 – 23 January 1941) was one of the major Bulgarian composers of the 20th century. He wrote mainly choral music, as well as some church music and music for the orchestra.

Hristov was born in Varna, Bulgaria. He graduated from the Prague Conservatory in 1903 (under the directorship of the famous Czech composer Antonín Dvořák). He returned to Bulgaria and helped with the development of Bulgarian music culture, using lots of Bulgarian folklore elements in his compositions. He was conductor of "The Seven Saints" ensemble and choir in the church of the same name in Sofia, Bulgaria between 1911 and 1928.

The Source: en.wikipedia.org

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