06 travnja 2009

Guatemala 1 quetzal December 20, 2006

José María Orellana Pinto (July 11, 1872 – September 26, 1926) was a Guatemalan politician, President of Guatemala from December 10, 1921 to September 26, 1926.
He was also a general of the Guatemalan army. He took possession after a Coup d'état against then president Carlos Herrera. His father was Esteban Orellana and his mother Leonor Pinto. During Orellana's term, the quetzal as unit of currency was created. Orellana's image appears in the obverse of the one-quetzal bill, the most common form of currency in Guatemala.

Many thanks to Wonsik Kang from South Korea for this polymer banknote!

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