29 ožujka 2009

Poland 50 złotych, 1988

Karol Wacław Świerczewski (callsign Walter) (born on 22 February 1897 in Warsaw, died on 28 March 1947 at Jabłonki, near Baligród) was a military officer in Bolshevist Russia, and later a general in the service of the Soviet Union, Republican Spain and the Polish post-War government. In 1936, under the name General Walter, he went to Spain; General Walter won the reputation of being a brave and very competent military commander as he led the XIV International Brigade, and later the 35th International Division, during the Spanish Civil War. It is widely believed that K. Świerczewski was the inspiration for General Golz in Ernest Hemingway's For Whom the Bell Tolls.

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