21 ožujka 2009

Hungary 100 pengö July 1, 1930

Thanks to András from Dombóvár, Hungary!

King Matthias Corvinus (croatian: Matija Korvin) (23 February 1443 - 6 April 1490) was a successful military leader of Romanian and Hungarian. Thus, on January 20, 1458, Matthias was elected king by the Diet. This was the first time in the medieval Hungarian kingdom that a member of the nobility, without dynastic ancestry and relationship, mounted the royal throne. Such an elections upset the usual course of dynastic succession in the age. In the Czech and Hungarian states they heralded a new judiciary era in Europe, characterized by the absolute supremacy of the Parliament , ( dietal system ) and a tendency to centralization. At this time Matthias was still a hostage of George of Poděbrady, who released him under the condition of marrying his daughter Kunhuta (later know as Catherine).

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